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Carson Kivari

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Cooling Down: Lessons from the Desert

Cooling Down: Lessons from the Desert Hot, arid and vast. I was basically looking at the backdrop of Looney Tunes cartoons I’d watch as a kid. The expansive desert stretched out a long way in front of me, just doing its own thing. What surprised me was how cool it was...

The Real Medicine

The Real Medicine! In a cab with two friends, tensions were high. After several confusing bus-rides back from the Western coast of Ecuador it was looking like we’d miss our first of four closely connecting flights from Guayaquil to Vancouver. Dehydrated, hungry and...

Surviving vs. Thriving

Surviving vs. Thriving by Carson Kivari Emotions are not mystical; they are biological signals meant to guide our actions. At the centre of your brain is what is known as the limbic midbrain – the core of the emotional self[1]. This right-brain biased structure...

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