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Imagine if nothing was holding you back.

Reach your full potential with us at Vancouver’s center for men’s counselling. Here, we build concrete plans and vital skills that use your unique strengths as a man instead of working against them.

Our Services

Comfort, Convenience, & Confidentiality

Our office is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, steps away from either Skytrain line.

Soundproofing and a comfortable, masculine setting provide the peace of mind necessary for working on the issues that truly matter.

Clinical Counselling & Consulting Designed for Men


We use  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy to help you reduce distress and discover your best self.

Life Enhancement

Through self-awareness, effective social skills and science-supported techniques we help you to design and achieve the life you want.


Dating & Sexuality

Strong self-esteem and skilled communication are the benchmarks for attracting others and enhancing romantic and sexual relationships.

“I learned here that there are DAMN good reasons behind why we feel down sometimes. I wish I’d done this sort of thing years ago, because I feel like I wasted a lot of time feeling worse than I could have. For men who hate the idea of feeling weak, all I can see is doing this kind of work gives you a kind of personal power in doing whatever you want in life.”

-Doug U.

“Thrive Consulting is a great place for men to be themselves. There are few places for men to really express their everyday struggles, and I always leave feeling refreshed and with a sharper perspective on things.”

– Bryan R.

“As I transitioned out of university and into professional life, Carson was a great resource for helping me deal with difficulties I had during that time. Carson’s a younger guy himself and he really understood where I was coming from and shared his personal experiences with me.”

-Oliver T.

A Team Dedicated to Making Your Life Better

James Alexander

M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor

Carson Kivari

M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor

Our team brings a wide range of experience with mental health and wellbeing, spending years consulting for organizations such as Family Services Vancouver, BC Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, the Veterans Transition Network, and the Vancouver Police Department.

Our services benefit men from all backgrounds; we also have extensive experience with specialized populations such as first responders, teens, university students, and men in career or relationship transitions.

Interns from the University of British Columbia are training on-site, meaning that regardless of your financial situation we’ll make sure you get services that meet our rigorous standards.

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